About Us

A RESTAURANT RUN BY FAMILY, PASSIONATE TO SERVE YOU THE VERY BEST. We serve Indian Punjabi cuisine with a Kenyan slant and specialise inproducing the finest Indian food using only the freshest ingredients. Furthermore The Brilliant is part of the Country Land Association’s ‘Just Ask Campaign’ and sources its ingredients locally as much as possible.Although we specialise in Punjabi cuisine (North Indian) with some specialities, the expert chefs are also trained in producing various speciality cuisines from around the world. Our talented chefs ensure each dish is made to guest requirements and are also able to take care of any food allergy requirements clients may have.

Our team of highly skilled chefs work hard to ensure each dish is cooked to perfection and that each preparation is unique in its own way. The Brilliant does not compromise when it comes to food quality and guarantees the highest standard offood safety and hygiene to prepare all dishes..

Our Sister Restaurants

Radhe O Radhe Dubai

'Radhe O Radhe' is a well known brand of restaurant chain in serving vegetarian cuisine with a speciality in punjabi delicacies. With the success of food and beverage industry, Radhe O Radhe has become one of the most popular restaurants.

We provide entire trained team including managers and helpers. We also send the substitutes as and when required by the franchisee. Our quality of control team visits the franchise outlets to check the quality of ingredients, cooked food, hygiene, service etc, minimum once in a month.

Radhe O Radhe Amritsar

As this place is located in Amritsar , the obvious target customers are the office going people in the area looking for their lunches and who only eat Vegetarian. Corporate and Special thaali are the most popular dishes here.Special thaali as it provides different dishes everyday. Although its get quite crowded during the lunch hour, yet it make sure to bring special thaali at your table. The biggest USP is serving our food hot.

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Radhe Radhe Restaurant,Opp Haveli G.T.Road,Jalandhar.
Mobile: +91 9914081104